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Scope of Service

CASA|WASY is a full-service interior design firm. Services we offer include:

  • Programming
  • Establish Budgets
  • Construction Documents
  • Space Planning
  • Project Management
  • Interior Finish Selection
  • Custom Furniture Design
  • Window Treatments
  • Audio Video Coordination
  • Accessory/Artwork Selection & Placement
  • Installation Coordination
  • Landscape Design/Outdoor Spaces 

project phases

What should you expect when you work with a professional Interior Designer?

At CASA|WASY we establish phases to allow all parties to better understand the process required to successfully design and construct their projects.

Programming: Residential interior design is a practice that requires mass coordination of information as early in the process as possible. This early part of the project is about communication, understanding who you are and how you plan to live in your house. That will help to define the style of the home, the function of the home and the defining details that when pulled together make it the home you want to live in. And of course, budgets need to be established to direct the design team ensuring your project costs are in alignment with your expectations.

Architectural Interior Finish Design: The materials that are included in construction are selected and presented. We specialize in Kitchen, and bath design and have a wealth of resources relating to the materials you will want to consider for the homes finishes. Our ability to work as part of your project team adds to the design integrity of your finished home. We work well with Project Architects to integrate a common thread thru out all areas of the project.

Beautiful Modern Living Room

Construction Drawings & Specifications: Once the finishes are selected its time to put our thoughts on paper. These drawings include cabinetry, tile/stone details, lighting, plumbing, hardware and all the other information necessary to complete the projects design intent. Working on our own, or with your Architect, we provide the essential elevations, plans and specifications to allow the builder to know exactly what your expectations are for the interior of the home. These drawings are reviewed with the Client to ensure that they are always a part of the decision making process. Our plans are integrated into the Architects plans for final pricing prior to the beginning of construction.

Construction Observation: The best plans require clarification. The projects with the best results are the ones that include construction job site meetings. We create a specification notebook that is referred to thru out the course of construction. It includes the specifications for appliances, plumbing, hardware, lighting, tile/stone, anything that is to be installed on the job. We are on site as called for and follow up each meeting with a summary of items discussed. We distribute this information to ensure that any changes are addressed consistently.

Furniture Design & Procurement: In many cases, our scope of work includes only the design of the house and the furniture phase is done at a later date. In all cases, we suggest that a furniture plan be completed early in the process to ensure the overall design is functional for your lifestyle. This plan will reflect new and existing furniture and can also be a tool in establishing the budget and any phases that may need to be established. Fabrics are selected and paired with specific pieces of furniture, wood types and furniture styles. Bedding is designed, and final window treatments are pulled together.

Installation Day: The Contractor is finally finished. The house is cleaned from the top down, and you’re ready to move in and install your furniture, artwork and accessories. CASA|WASY is there to direct the placement of all items, hang your artwork, place your plants and install your new bedding. If we have stored your existing furniture that is also included in the days delivery. We provide a final punch list to prevent those small last minute details from being overlooked and then we follow up later to ensure every detail is in order.

If you’re thinking your ready to take that next step, consider giving us a call to discuss how we might be able to work together on your project. Consultations are free.

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